Practical Application of Compassion Training
The PACT Community is made up of people with kindness and compassion training* helping each other bridge that training into everyday life. We do this in order to build warm-hearted connections, work skillfully with our thoughts and emotions, live aligned with our deepest values and purpose, and cultivate hope and joy.

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Why You Should Join

The purpose of this community is to provide all that you need to bridge your compassion training into your everyday life. This will help you receive the benefits of the practices in a deep way. You will be able to calm and soothe yourself better, work with troubling or destructive thoughts better, work with difficult emotions better, and develop more warm-hearted connections and relationships. Want more? How about better embody your values, live your purpose, increase your happiness and sense of wellbeing, and be better equipped to help your loved ones when they are suffering. How do we do that? I’m glad you asked!

  1. Powerful, Practical Structure for Change – The structure we provide daily, weekly, and monthly provides a simple, practical, highly effective path. Doing this along with a community of other people doing the same thing is amazing. You can benefit from what others are learning from implementing the practices and share with others what you are learning. In this way, we leverage the wisdom of the whole group to help each person move forward. We will be learning from our life experiences, not a textbook or a teacher. 
    • Each month has a theme. The theme is always some type of focus area for the month, such as “Working with difficult or upsetting thoughts” or “Working with our emotions in a skillful way.” Over the course of the year, the themes in aggregate move us systematically along the path of transformation.
    • Each week has a topic. The weekly topics support the theme of the month. Each week, you will receive a short video on that topic.
    • Each day you receive a small prompt. The daily prompt helps you hold the focus on taking small actions in alignment with the week’s topic.
  2. Doable Action for Busy People – Take deliberate, small actions in the context of your daily life. Over time, these actions shape your mindset and change how you feel, think, and act in your daily lives. There is no homework and no requirement for engagement. Interact with the prompts and community when you can, don’t when you can’t, and return when you can. Don’t you wish your other relationships worked that way?
  3. Real Community, Caring, and Connection –  While we provide a powerful structure and the support you need to integrate the practices into your daily life, one of the greatest benefits you will receive in PACT is a sense of belonging, connection, understanding, and support from other people who – just like you – want to transform themselves, their relationships, and their lives by applying kindness and compassion practices in daily life.
  4. Fun and humor makes growth sustainable  – Rome was not built in a day, they say. We must enjoy the work in order to stay with it. We must stay with it in order to sustain it and deepen it over time. It helps to bring a sense of humor and playfulness and lightness of being to the work. After all, we are all the same. We are all flawed and regular humans. We all want to be happy and we all want to avoid suffering. Let’s help each other do just that and enjoy ourselves along the way!

The Monthly Cost

PACT is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform and delivered via app or the web to help you in a community setting.
$35.00 per month 

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